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Welcome to Barrak Int’l Center Co. Website, Your visit to our page is most privilege to us. Enjoy our services Welcome to Barrak Int’l Center Co. Website, Your visit to our page is most privilege to us. Enjoy our services...  

Barrak International Center Co. BICCO identity was established when BICCO was founded in 1993, as an affiliate of Barrak Al-Tukhaim Group Co. A mother company  incorporating many  sister and affiliates, whose main  activity is General Trading  and Contracting, operating  in construction,  real estates, auto spare parts  and  stock market exchange  activities, fueled and powered by the encouraging development of telecommunication technologies . When a great turnabout was made and a strategic decision was taken. Barrak International Center Co. BICCO was instrumental to create new horizons, deeper insights and wider visions. Barrak worked hard to develop the markets in diversified ways with extensive portfolios responsive to the issues of its day.


Recognizing the potential for business growth, led BICCO to even greater levels of success through diversification.  Barrak International Center Co. a Kuwaiti based company, whose main activity was General Trading and Contracting, played a major role in the development of Kuwait market by introducing new products, innovative services and advanced technologies. It's long established trading and contracting base, enabled the company to move freely with concentrated efforts to focus attention into more advanced technologies and diversification of activities with 9 Showrooms in different parts of Kuwait with a head office and a Wholesales Department.


BICCO  wholesales


Barrak  International Center Co. has power retailers , corporate customers  and more than  60  dealers.

BICCO Employees

BICCO has stressed the importance of complying with   international standards of communications by adopting English language in all its inter-personnel and external correspondence and communication as a step towards going   globalization and internationalism. Therefore, BICCO has depended on international qualified and expert expertise as technicians and engineers trained at new advanced technologies. The number of its employees exceeds 80 professionals. BICCO will continue on its current path of growth. Its main office is fully staffed and equipped and able to handle nearly double the amount of sales.


Zain™ Authorized Distributor

Barrak Int’l Center Co. W.l.l. BICCO is one of the Authorized Distributors for Zain Telecommunication Co.  formerly MTC  one of the major GSM operator in Kuwait, for post paid lines and airtime  bill collection through its showrooms.


With its long and successful tracking records as an authorized distributor to offer prepaid services in the State of Kuwait under the name “EEZEE” by Communication & Information Consultancy Group (CICG), a subsidiary of  MTC-Vodafone™,  at present ( Zain ) is the one of the biggest distributor selling pre-paid lines, through wholesales and retails.

Mobile Phones – Accessories & Service Centers

SESC (SonyEricsson Services Center)


During the year 2000 BICCO was selected by Ericsson as one of its authorized distributor for Ericsson Mobile telephones and accessories and in the year 2002 BICCO was re-selected as one of the authorized distributor for SonyEricsson.


BICCO is one of the Authorized Service Center for  Sony Ericsson Mobiles Telephones, operating  from  Behbehani  Building in Sharq area run and managed by qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

In 2001 BICCO was awarded  ISO-9001  Quality  Certificate  as an expression for excellence in  performance  and  high quality services, in addition to a trophy  which was awarded  for Service Center for " Customers Satisfaction " for the  Middle East & Africa. Besides to various Letters of Recognition and Appreciation were as decoration for Quality performance. 

BICCO IT Information Technology

A wide spectrum of state – of -Art Programming tools, based on database seamless solutions   designed   to meet all requirements of medium sized to small business. BICCO IT offers technical support, and tools, due to the wide range of skills; BICCO IT can offer time, cost-effective services and extensive

experiences of IT equipment. Our skilled engineers are fully trained and Microsoft® certified. Our Solutions include hardware, software programming, different type of application and Telecommunication solutions to ensure that the ultimate product and service most effectively meet the customer’s needs and requirement.

BICCO Ad Media

Barrak Int’l Center Co. developed a network of  designers who have demonstrated their skills to be among the best in their field of expertise. BICCO Ad Media  is a creative art workshop to build your ideal web page. A dedicated  web site team,  including  highly experienced Web animation artists,  developers and  designers  to build  an attractive web  page,   index, banners and flash  to introduce  your company and advertise for your products & services..

Inmarsat Service Provider ( ISP )

Barrak International Center Co. is the first provider of Inmarsat mobile telecommunications through satellite in Kuwait, by virtue of and under a license issued by The Ministry of Communications in Kuwait. These services include; data transmission, internet and voice communication solutions. Barrak International Center Co. is the first company to be granted a license to promote and provide Inmarsat Services in Arab Countries. 


Public relation

Barrak  developed an effective  public relations policy that helped  increase awareness of the  company and SE  product at the same time by developing   press releases, developing a telephone script to handle customers  inquiries contacts, developing a  BICCO club card as a public relations tool to Position the company to become one of the premier wholesaler and retailer  in the country , Increase general awareness of the  company both locally and nationally, Increase general awareness of the company and  its outstanding track record and maximize efficiency by continually monitoring media effectiveness.



Welcome to the world of BICCO club awards .Our Privilege Cards allow our customer to enter in a universe of exclusive services conceived expressly for him,  such as price reductions, special privileges and great advantages: discover the meaning to be a "special customer " of  BICCO . Our  privilege  card is a fidelity card that can be obtained by anyone wishing to join the BICCO rewarding program

named "Privilege".Card holders get an automatic discount in their next purchases, Card holders earn points by referring clients


BICCO-Club™   founded in 2002, to create a friendly feeling between BICCO and its customers, non profitable enterprise, designed to make the customer shares BICCO  incentive prizes as a BICCO dedication to the customer’s satisfaction. The call for joining BICCO-Club™  is to  obtain  points when any item


 is purchases by the customers  from  any of BICCO sell outlets and the customer is entitled to receive his prize from reception desk or accumulate the points  to receive larger prize  through  presenting the card to the  customer help desk .  Ask for BICCO-Club™ Card from our retails and wholesale outlets.

Product Support™

 In an effort to fulfill Barrak International center Co. business strategy and to hold a stronger presence in the market, Product Support team has developed an understanding of Sonyericsson product and market focus and focuses on transferring technical knowledge to its team to the customers as well to ensure efficiency in delivery and customer ‘satisfaction.

Product Support team is committed to develop and deliver high quality services and insight on Sonyericsson  concepts and technologies based on product announcements and technical tips  issued by Sonyericsson.


BICCO warrants  that the  experience of its   leaders, engineers, staff and  management   is  intensively  focused  to deliver  mobile  and stationary full range of programming tools, unique designs and marketing strategies are provided to increase online traffic.  High quality of its services, full customer's satisfaction are the fundamentals of our success.

ISO 9001-2000

Barrak International center Co , Service center  was awarded ISO 2001 for Quality management  Certification  for excellence  in performance  and high quality services .


Leadership of Barrak Int’l. Center Co.

People who create great companies tend to be the people whose force of personality and vision last a long time, more skilled, determined, resolved and professional.

That is the leadership of  Barrak Int’l. Center Co. !!

Mr. Barrak Al-Tukhaim                                     Mr. Hassan W. Houhou

Chairman of the Board                                     Deputy Chairman / Managing Director & General Manager


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